Building trusted relationships between tenants and landlords

Our Vision

Tenantia is a cloud based Platform as a Service (PaaS) modular resident engagement and risk management platform that transcends existing 'resident engagement' technologies built on the power of behavioural analytic theories. Harnessing the habitual practices and conditioning of social media to enable housing providers to engage with their residents in an unparalleled manner.

Providing an open and transparent relationship, Tenantia™ is focused and underpinned by understanding and utilising tenant behaviour to facilitate risk management. From a quick and easy way of reporting and tracking faults and repairs, reducing maintenance and repair costs. To utilising nudge theory (a concept in behavioural science, political theory and economics which argues that positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to try to achieve non-forced compliance can influence the motives, incentives and decision making of groups and individuals, at least as effectively - if not more effectively - than direct instruction, legislation, or enforcement) and incentivisation to engage tenants in property care, healthy lifestyle choices and community projects.

The behavioural insight data that the system generates is unrivalled and for the first time provides real time behavioural analytics enabling housing providers and government bodies to accurately predict a full range of outcomes from financial requirements to health care pathways.

Tenantia sets the standard for Resident Engagement and Risk Management Tools for the Housing Sector.

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Our Team

Our Managing Director - Judd Ferrer
Judd FerrerJudd studied at Yale before moving to the UK and has over 20 years' experience creating and developing technology companies both in the UK and US. He has a proven track record in taking products international, developing local and global strategic partnerships and go to market plans. Judd doesn't just think outside the box, he redesigns it.

Marketing Director - Tracy Muir
Tracy MuirTracy has over 30 years marketing experience, 20 of which were spent marketing in the software and technology arena. She has a very hands on approach to development projects, working with national and international clients developing specifications and overseeing development. Develops close strategic relationships resulting in her team working with companies such as Apple, who used one of their apps in their global iPad 2 launch marketing campaign.

Technical Team - Bill Muir and Kevin Reynolds
Bill MuirBill founded one the UK's most successful app development companies. For 27 years he and his team including Kevin consistently pushed the boundaries of mobile app development. They were recognised as the world's leading developers for mobile devices in the 1990's, including producing the first product to enable mobile devices to send and receive emails. Working with Microsoft on Pocket PC development and being one of the first developers for Apple's IOS devices, his work both in mobile apps and advanced web solutions has culminated in Bill being asked to write a technology article for the 2016 Parliamentary reviews.

Kevin Reynolds

The other thing that makes Bills team remarkable is that they have been with him since 1990.

The team is unrivalled in its experience in both creating and running successful technology companies.

Nigel Rhodes
Nigel Rhodes is a serial entrepreneur who has invested in and developed business in many areas including the property market. His original vision that evolved into Tenantia was to address the inefficiencies and negative issues that he and many of his clients have experienced and had to deal with over the years between landlords and tenants. This vision was to use app technology to create a digital platform where both parties are accounted for to perform in a positive way to a mutually beneficial end.


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